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We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children

- Ancient Native American Proverb

Your nationalism

    Of burned effigies and muffled voices,

    Of unison and unison only,

Scares me


For I beg to differ

    and wear what shouldn't be worn,

I eat what you forbid

    and I believe in the other God


The one who forgave my not fasting,

   and accepted what I had to offer

Even on the days I wasn't pure


Your flying tricolors

    Of pride and pride only

Baffles me


For I lament instead for a nation

    Where minds can be without fear,

    We'd be safer on the streets than behind the bars,

And have the freedom they fought for


Where we can be heard without shouting

    And won't be stopped when we needed to shout

And whether or not we shout Jai Hind

    wouldn't decide what we are about



                             Feb 21, 2016, In support of JNU protestors in New Delhi, India








Times Lit Fest Bangalore: privileged to have had the engaging discussions with such accomplished men and women


From Another Land featured on NPR


Proud to be in Honorable Mentions for Glimmer train very short fiction contest

Proud to join Coruzant: find the first article here


Thrive Global excited to start as a direct contributor.


Latest on TUCK: two poems.



The article I was interviewed for by Indian Express in lieu of my Huff Post article on PPD. Although not in full agreement with expert's opinion here, kudos to Sukanya Nandy and The Indian Express for featuring PPD in the conversations. 



Fall 2018: proud to be starting as regular columnist for Cafe Dissensus. Segment name: Black light, goal: short satires for




Starting @Youth Ka Awaaz, excited to reach audience of 4 million per month. Thank you YKA team for featuring first post on home page: Surrogacy laws and Indian women



Thank you TUCK for featuring on rape and religion, Kathau- Unnao 2018 - For Asifa


Starting as contributor @WomensWeb


Delighted to announce first poetry anthology contribution: She the Shakti



Launched Nov 2016 - second anthology with Readomania: Mock, Stalk and Quarrel

Honored to be featured on Tuck


Honored to be featured in Words,Pauses and Noises, Kingston Writers,


Elated to have our anthology Defiant Dreams selected for Oprah's

Book Club 2.0.


Proud to be featured in IWI (Incredible Women of India).  



Readomania 'to be continued' contest: won honorable mention and popularity (among the pieces with highest number of votes) - thank you all


Her Rights kick-off - check out on Her Rights tab


Published on Huff post: Falling in love in search of freedom:


Published on Huff

A conversation in Istanbul:




Look out for an upcoming feature in people and stories: Ruben Reyes talking about immigration. 


Featured, People and Stories: Banoo Parpia and Mark Henderson


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