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End of the year update - Dec 2015

I am back from a 7 weeks sabbatical in India. I feel inspired, and blessed. I was able to visit ASFI (Acid Survivors Foundation India) and gather information and partnership options for HerRights. I was also able to interview survivors, understand regulations and loopholes, and avenues of acid availability. I also interacted with coordinators of two other projects I have been long involved with (MUKTI and BTS) working for development of the Sunderbans region in India. I will be posting pieces and updates on all the above soon. For now, BTS (a project very close to my heart from a region in India that has been and still is unbelievably neglected has entered a global giving contest which will help them secure permanent funding if they can meet their fundraising goals. Please visit the link below for more information, and if you are willing and able, donate.

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