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Book buggies - A lazy afternoon engagement

Weekends in Phoenix are usually busier than the weekdays - that is until summer comes. Yet, even with the weather being still nice, I found myself uninvited to any birthday party last weekend after almost a 3 month stretch. Also, while idling in target with my toddler, I came across some beer buckets on sale for a dollar. So equipped with my incredible find and unbelievable leisure, I reached for my stash of rope, tapes, bangles and Ross planter trolleys (or what I think are planter trolleys). After an hour, we have two book buggies and a toddler pulling them all around the house. Nighttime reads can now be hauled to any room and since they go with my overall home decor - they can be just left wherever she chooses to. Pics below will be hopefully self-explanatory as the project was very simple.

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