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Short and Sweet DIY - under $15

Wanted to add some dark wicker (I really like the look) pieces to my backyard to offset some of the bright ceramics. But everything I was coming across, even small - accent ones - were around at least thirty to forty bucks. So I bought a couple of the versatile, dollar five IKEA stools that show up all across Pinterest, two medium wicker planters (I found some at Ross for about 7 bucks each, but these can be found at several bargain stores in several size/pricing). I turned the planters upside down, and screwed them onto the existing holes in the stools. Voila - dark wicker occasional stools in front of my swing - can be used as footrest, side tables and even seating. And if you are bored, unscrew them and use them as planters.

Below are the pictures:

Took 10 mins to go from above, to below. Goes well with the umbrella stands I made last month.

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