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4 random whims and about 20 bucks

It has been a long time since I updated here, mostly due to increase in job and life scope and flu season blessing us. But that didn't stop me (or my minion) from fiddling around the house, driving my husband's anxiety level up (he too is quite apprehensive of my 'almost there' DIYs and would rather I keep to writing for indulgence). Below are a few of the ideas and outcomes.

With the decorative bare bulb trend in rage over Instagram and Pinterest, and quite pricey yet alluring options popping up in mid to high end department stores, I had a bulb go off in my head (and I am sure others have figured this out too already). Instead of the bulky/cheap plastic shades on the Ikea and Target basic lamps, I could just have the bare bulbs. Needed to switch out the bulbs for the decorative ones off course (bought for less than $5 each at Lowe's). Have to say, am quite impressed with the results. The best part? Zero skills required, so even I couldn't mess this up.

Next up: how to get a headboard in my coveted white that looks expensive and can be easily cleaned for my minion's room? I bought two place mats from Ross for $7 each, and just pinned them above her bed with board pins. The fluffy material hides the pins well, and I take them out (washed twice already) after active play dates. I also bought a black slat (approx $2) from Lowe's (had it cut into three pre-measured pieces) and framed around the place mats to give it a bit more collected look. Again, no skills required and looks OK.

Next, I discovered an awesome patterned contact paper (with adhesive), and went to town. Below are some shots of the study where I used it to tie together a matte black Target desk with a stainless steel legged lounger bought online. Best of all - it covers up the pesky manufacturer's labels that are near impossible to remove completely.

And lastly, my immensely talented sister sent me some bookmarks she had designed for a work project. They were way too pretty to not display. I bought a $5 shade on sale, pinned them all around it to check the look, and glued them in place. Plan is to add a border around with some tape in a bright color, but what it is now works fine too.

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