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Continuing the passion for short stories...

When I started writing, I didn't have any knowhow of things that shouldn't be written - especially for your first manuscript if you are going to try and launch a career with it. I learnt about the same through a raised hand on 'how to pitch' and an embarrassing 'no one is looking to buy that' response amidst a room of 1000+ conference attendees in a writing conference. Alas, it was too late. I had already written my first manuscript - a collection of short stories - and was attempting to pitch the same to launch my career in writing. In the following years, I have continued writing and pitching short stories while prepping to write my first novel realizing on the way that my love for the former is undying and undeterred. And in my humble and incomplete intuition on the field of writing, especially in the US, there is tremendous need for championing all forms of writing. That is why in my first attempt of promoting a book directly on my blog, I am championing Piyusha Vir's Just Another Day.

With stories of self assured individuals narrated in first person unfolding events over a day,

this book and style is very different from my own writing and what I usually come across in anthologies or collections. Worth exploring and enjoying.

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