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Release note: Blasphemy, and some thoughts...

Literature, although an independent interest for me when I was merely a reader, morphed into an avenue for social justice when I picked up the pen. That doesn't just mean that I write only about, or for, social justice (although, that would mostly be a true statement too). It also means that I am getting more and more selective in literature and am picking up titles that educate me on issues and leave thought seeds behind.

Now, this might very well be a side effect of reduced bandwidth - for no longer do I have the time to indulge in romances and thrillers (alas, I do miss that terribly). But whatever the reason, this gravitation has had me reading mostly non-fictions that outline issues affecting socioeconomic justice and equality (for example, Evicted by M. Desmond). So, when a rare fiction comes in (that too from my own publishing house, Readomania) that promises to be a social commentary and a thriller, it's a hard to pass opportunity.

Over the next month, I will have the privilege of diving into this book; learning about religious extremism and legalities (an added bonus because global laws and lacunae have become a niche sub area of interest of mine for my own non-fiction - last week of lock down was spent researching AFSPA in India); and interviewing the author Osman Haneef.

For now, here's an excerpt from the release note and the awesome cover for Blasphemy

Release note excerpt:

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